The second beta is now available from jCenter and MavenCentral. We fixed some bugs and made sure that we can build on JDK8, which is used to build the latest Android API levels.

The most important bugs fixed in this version were

  • a problem with receiving and sending messages when transmitReflexiveMessages as well as transmitIfNoSubscribers were set to false on a channel.
  • a performance hit when a channel had no subscribers and a very low message rate.

What comes next?

Android 6 currently breaks some Blaubot configurations, because they decided to restrict access to hardware identifiers such as the WiFi- or Bluetooth-Adapter’s MAC-address, which are essential informations for some BlaubotAdapters (such as the BluetoothAdapter and Beacon). There is ongoing work to make blaubot compatible with this breaking changes before removing the beta status. Blaubot users who just use the Ethernet/WiFi-based adapters will be mostly save. For more informations on that matter, check the Android 6 changelog.

Check out the official gitter-channel for Blaubot to get help or keep in touch with other Blaubot users.