Blaubot is a middleware to create small adhoc networks via P2P connections such as Bluetooth-RFCOMM, Adhoc-WiFi or simple socket connections. Blaubot takes care of device discovery and connection establishment with the goal to minimize a developer’s boilerplate code to set up these small networks.

Tl;dr our main goal is to let a developer call start(); and spare him as much hassle as possible to create ad hoc networks. See it in action:

The source code is hosted on github. Blaubot is written in Java and has a dedicated version for Android.

Get started

If you intend to use Blaubot on Android, check out the Android quickstart guide. To get started using Maven, Gradle or just the jar/aar files, refer to the general documentation. If you have questions or problems, get in touch with Blaubot users and developers on gitter. Gitter